What is it?
Don’t Go To Bed is a regular event we host at The Bearded Tit in Redfern to sold out houses. It’s a late night talk show with all the trimmings; A creative and exceptionally talented team deliver entertaining segments, showcase entertaining guest, host conversations about the arts, help you plan your entertainment for the week, but more importantly, look into what’s happening in the community at large. Oh, and there’s Disco. Heaps of Disco.

Don’t we have that already?
Nope. This is absolutely analogue, un-televised and low-tech - a truly “live” theatrical experience. Don’t Go To Bed is brought to you by a bunch of fun loving Sydney-Art-Scene-Outsiders. It’s not “cool” and “slick”, it’s endearing and crafty. It’s well executed but a bit silly, like a Michel Gondry film. It’s joyously inventive, fun and child-like, but grounded in the real and humane. It is a riot against the mundane and a celebration of life and disco.

Sometimes the Sydney’s art scene can feel a little austere. We want audiences to feel special about coming to an episode of Don’t Go To Bed. No one should feel like they’re on the outside looking in: if you’re there, you’re part of the show. We tap into a special kind of safe audience participation with games and segments where audience input is crucial and delightful. We want to bless them with random acts of fabulousness, and the after the show, we party! And guess who’s gonna DJ? You wouldn’t believe it - the Dollar Bin Darlings.


The Dollar Bin Darlings are:

Jonny Hawkins | Andreas Lohmeyer | Mikala Westall | Joe Engstrom | Chris Lorimer | Tom Cramond | Megan Hales | Jess Bush | Aurora Scott | Nathan Steer | Connor Wilson